Chief of Staff

Mercy Wakweika

Mercy Wakweika is the Chief of Staff at CMG, where she supports and executes on CMG’s corporate strategy.

Mercy has held numerous roles across the fintech investment space, having led and managed investments in several notable capital markets technology companies at firms such as Bank of America. Additionally, she has experience supporting growth and capital raising strategies for finance and technology companies in her previous roles in strategy consulting and investment banking. In these positions, she gained a close understanding of how to leverage technology to efficiently connect capital markets participants and create value-add networks.

“My exposure to the IPO process over the last few years as an investor led me to ask: are there ways to improve the coordination of this process between multiple IPO participants? I knew there was a need to modernize and automate the ECM space, but I also knew from my background that it takes the right management team. From attracting top talent to courting the best customers in the field, CMG is well positioned to lead that transformation.”

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