U.S. ECM Recap

H1 2024 Boosted by IPO Activity

U.S. ECM dollar volume increased 50% in H1’24 vs. H1’23 despite a decrease in volume in Q2’24 vs. Q1’24.

  • Including SPACs and Unregistered Block activity, 470 offerings raised $116.4B
  • March remains the most active month year to date with 96 offerings raising $29.0B
  • Average weekly activity in H1 increased to 17 offerings vs. 15 in FY23
  • Average H1’24 IPO size increased 32.1% from $171.7M in FY’23 to $226.8M (vs. median deal size of $75.0M)
  • Average H1’24 registered follow-on size increased 29.8% from $213.1M to $276.6M YTD (vs. median deal size of $142.1M)
  • 14 IPOs raised $500M or more (7 in Q1 and 7 in Q2) exceeding all of FY23 where just 7 deals surpassed $500M
  • 61 Convert offerings raised $47.0B with 30 offerings in Q1 raising $20.3B, and 31 offerings in Q2 $26.7B.
  • Kenvue Inc. shareholder Johnson & Johnson raised $3.6B in May accounting for the largest offering year to date

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YTD Trends and Highlights

  • Including Unregistered Block activity tracked by CMG, YTD transaction volume reached $113.9B with $65.4B raised in Q1 and $48.5B raised in Q2 for a net increase of 50.0% as compared with the first half of 2023

  • March was the busiest month of 2024 with 94 offerings raising $28.8B

  • 83 IPOs raised $18.8B YTD representing a 84.3% increase over the same period last year, while follow-on issuance raised $95.1B representing a 44.7% increase over the prior year via 372 offerings

  • Healthcare took the lead as the most active sector raising $33.2B (29.2% market share) followed by Technology $21.9B (19.2% market share) and Industrials $10.5B (9.3% market share)

  • On a dollar-weighted basis, 2024 IPOs returned 16.3% from offer to first day close (vs. a mean of 10.7%)

  • Mean IPO size increased from $164.3M in H1 2023 to $226.8M in H1 2024, representing an increase of 38.0%

  • On a dollar-weighted basis, registered follow-ons returned 3.3% from offer to first day close (vs. a mean of 3.1%)

H1 2024 vs. H1 2023 Dollar-weighted One-day Return

IPOs16.3% vs. 16.6%

Marketed FOs4.0% vs. (0.5)%

Overnight FOs5.1% vs. 3.3%

Registered Blocks1.0% vs. 0.5%

Unregistered Blocks(0.7)% vs. (0.4)%

Largest Dollar-weighted Alpha Contributors (1-Day)

Astera Labs, Inc.

03/19/24$819.7M IPO +72.3%

CG Oncology, Inc.

01/24/24$437.0M IPO +52.6%

Reddit, Inc.

02/22/24$860.2M IPO +48.4%

Largest Dollar-weighted Alpha Contributors (To Current)

Reddit, Inc.

02/22/24$860.2M IPO +87.9%

Viking Holdings Ltd.

02/08/23$1,767.5M IPO +41.4%

Astera Labs, Inc.

03/19/24$819.7M IPO +68.3%

Pricing and Discount Trends (Mean): Q1 and Q2 | IPOs - Price vs. Initial Range

Above Range13.2%, 9.1%

Within Range68.4%, 84.1%

Below Range18.4%,12.4%

Pricing and Discount Trends (Mean): Q1 and Q2 | Follow-ons – File to Offer Discount %

Pricing and Discount Trends (Mean): Q1 and Q2 | Converts

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